Highly Evolved — that’s a rather audacious name.

Yes it is. It doesn't mean we've grown extra fingers or the ability to control space and time with our minds. The name speaks to the incredible organism that is the connected web, a world that is still the wild west, mutating and adapting at dizzying speeds. The name also speaks to our goal of ensuring every project we encounter can flourish and adapt as needed to stay afloat in the often stormy waters of technology. It's our promise to you we will always do the best we can.

Established in 2006, Highly Evolved is based in Los Angeles, CA featuring a network loaded with a variety of designers, tech experts, marketing experts and creative thinkers to provide creative design, development and marketing solutions. We work with a variety of brands from household names to fresh start-ups. 

Want to know more? Check out our services for what we can offer, dig around in our portfolio to see how we've helped others, read up on our partners, or just reach out and contact us. Here's some info on the principals so you can get to know us even better, this way when you call, we can focus on you and your needs. We don't really want to talk about ourselves after all...

Freedom Scott, Partner/CEO

Freedom Scott, Partner/CEO

Freedom co-founded Highly Evolved with Cosmo in 2006 and has worked mostly behind the scenes to make sure the organization runs smoothly and enables our creative and technical teams to function effectively.

Spending most of his childhood making rocket bikes and blockbuster super-8 action flicks, Freedom found his first love in a little beauty called the Vic-20. From the early days of home computing through today’s modern open source frameworks, he has written software using many languages and can usually be found eating new technologies for breakfast.

As a co-founder of Spacedog with Cosmo in the 90s, and now as partners at Highly Evolved, the two have delivered standout projects for many years and for many clients. While Cosmo has honed his design skills to award-winning status, Freedom has led teams and projects to successful completion while serving in roles ranging from producer to programmer, designer to data entry, cheerleader to chief whip-cracker. This experience along with a maniacal attention to detail allow Highly Evolved to deliver a higher level of creativity and service than our peers.

Since 2004, Freedom has combined his software engineering skills with a passion for politics to help make democracy more accessible for everyone. Over the course of several election cycles, these tools have coalesced into a powerful application framework which is being used called the Holonet which will be presented in this document as a way to leverage our unique experience, technology and passion into a revolutionary new website for MTV during this election.

Most recently he can be found spearheading Highly Evolved's newest IP, VoteQuote, an application running on the Holonet which we hope will dominate the world some day. In a good way.

When not in front of a computer, you might find Freedom hiking in the Sierras, honing his BBQ skills, and thinking about new ways to make the world a better place. Oh - and also dreaming up the ultimate remote compound from where he can watch the world go by in peace.

Cosmo Jones, Partner/CCO

Cosmo Jones, Partner/CCO

Cosmo is a co-founder of Highly Evolved and is personally responsible for the visuals in the Highly Evolved portfolio. He was deep into a Music Composition BFA from CSU Fullerton when he stumbled into the art scene after creating artwork to promote his band. Other bands started to ask for help with artwork, and soon he was creating art for major label releases. He then became an art director for the Strausberg Group in Santa Monica, providing creative for clients like AAA Auto Club, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, MTA, and an assortment of boutique hotels.

Once the internet became a viable place for design, he transitioned full time to the web in 1996 as a freelance developer. He co-founded Spacedog, one of the few web development firms that survived the dot bomb and went on to be the creative director on award winning projects for clients including Qantas Airways, Air Pacific, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s,, Citibank, Sunmaid, Secure Horizons, Gallo Wineries, Interscope Records, Sony, New Line Cinema, Namco, Bandai, Top Cow and many others. Spacedog was sold to MZA, a subsidiary of global giant Hakuhodo, Japan’s second largest agency.

In 2006 he co-founded Highly Evolved and with a very small team of high-level creative and technical developers, he created high profile sites for MTV, VH1, Warner Brothers, Stila Cosmetics, Western Airlines, Shoptopia, Advanstar, Zagat and more. He created identity campaigns, packaging, and clothing for Kaboom Energy, MTV, Continental Tire, Blender, Gibson Guitars, and other national brands. He has consulted on numerous new business concepts and new technologies for mobile and web applications.

He holds several patents, including a trade dress patent on an original beverage bottle and a process patent on a music based advertising system. He is also the CEO and founder of Bedrock Rehearsal LLC in Los Angeles, a 40,000sf music studio complex servicing popular local bands and professional touring acts providing rehearsal studios, equipment rental and recording services. This investment allows Highly Evolved to provide top tier music, photography and video solutions to clients at a fraction of the price they would pay to use a similar facility at retail rates.

When he is not in front of his computer, he enjoys playing drums for Lo-Fi Sugar and has become an expert with handguns and rifles, volunteering his time to help teach law enforcement and civilians in best practices.


We would be dead in the water without our network of creative people, tech experts, marketing geniuses. The following people have worked with us on many projects, some of them for over a decade. We are very grateful for their continued assistance on our projects!

Jay David

Jay is a very experienced creative fountain of pure light and energy hailing from St. Louis, CA. He has been a creative director at TOKY for over a decade and is constantly being written up in trade magazines and award sites. He has worked on sites for us since well before we launched, he actually has been with us since our former agency.

Kirsten O'Loughlin

Kirsten is one of the very first freelance creatives we ever contacted. She has been working with us since 1999 and is responsible for introducing us to several other people we work with frequently, such as Jay David. Also in St. Louis, Kirsten is a powerhouse creative with a deep love of print and classic letter-press approaches. She owns a couple large letter press machines and lives in a converted firehouse. She loves roller derby, we hope she never gets hurt because we need her.

Jesse Chapo

Jesse hails from San Diego and we met him a few years ago through contacts at MTV. We needed someone who could reach the youth market, and his natural, modern, colorful style has been crucial to the success of sites we've built for MTV. Over time he has expanded to be able to handle any style we throw at him. With amazing attention to detail, he has become an invaluable resource for us.

Kimi Lewis

Kimi is a digital illustration expert and a fantastic print and web designer. She has helped us especially with youth markets, you'll find her stamp on many of our MTV projects as well as some of our branding projects. She also makes great icons and infographics, has a fresh style and consistently puts a smile on our client's faces.

Chris Sessions

PROGRAMMING GURU Chris is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, gently folded into a conundrum, and shot through space towards earth at a velocity which cannot be measured by current technology. He has worked with us since 1999, and we are still unsure if he is human. He certainly understands computers, and has always been ahead of the curve from Day One. When we originally hired him well over a decade ago, we went to all our programmers and said "who do you call when you can't figure something out?"–then we followed that until we got to the end of the line and met The Alien. He goes by Chris Sessions. When he is not programming, he might be in India with his wife and/or chasing around his many, many offspring. We would not be truly Highly Evolved without him.