Highly Evolved — that’s a rather audacious name.

Yes it is. It doesn't mean we've grown extra fingers or the ability to control space and time with our minds. The name speaks to the incredible organism that is the connected web, a world that is still the wild west, mutating and adapting at dizzying speeds. The name also speaks to our goal of ensuring every project we encounter can flourish and adapt as needed to stay afloat in the often stormy waters of technology. It's our promise to you we will always do the best we can.

First established in 2001, Highly Evolved is based in Los Angeles, CA and features a network loaded with a variety of designers, tech experts, marketing experts and creative thinkers to provide creative design, development and marketing solutions. We work with a variety of brands from household names to fresh start-ups. 

Want to know more? Check out our services for what we can offer, dig around in our portfolio to see how we've helped others, read up on our partners, or just reach out and contact us.