Advanstar: ShopTheFloor


Advanstar is a juggernaut housing some of the biggest trade shows in the US. They own M.A.G.I.C. which is THE trade show for the fashion industry, bar none. Our content and strategy partner, Dame Media, brought us in to help evolve the trade show by creating an online destination where fashion buyers can fill orders year-round. Highly Evolved came up with the brand ShopTheFloor which is based off the massive trade show floor packed with buyers who tend to write their orders all during Fashion Week in NYC. 

We approached both the consumer facing side and the buyer/brand dashboards with an eye on the best combination of power and simplicity. While this is still a proof of concept and under development, we remain very proud of our final designs which was a result of our design crew collaboration. Below are designs for both the consumer facing site as well as the dashboard which brands and buyers would use to communicate and do business. Then below that are some of the first round designs which led to the final product. Occasionally we like to "show our work" which include these behind-the-scenes look at designs in-progress because the final result is a true testament to the final product being a sum of the efforts of a team working together.


Final design for Homepage

Sample brand page - each brand would have their own customizable showroom.

The tradeshow itself is integrated into the site, including ticket purchasing, attendee info, presenter info, along with useful information.

The blog and community area is designed to be very robust, not just another blog.

As mentioned above, this was a vast, cumbersome project requiring the best efforts of our design crew. Built from the ground up, we had no existing assets to work with. The initial design rounds yielded a lot of different ideas and approaches, and the final design is a culmination of the best qualities of all the comps. 

The back end was going to have to be built from scratch, and as part of the design, we had to figure out how buyers were going to be able to use the site to shop new seasons, create orders, communicate with brands, etc. Then, brands needed to be able to create their online showrooms with ease and also have a dashboard to communicate with buyers. Here's a quick look at the Buyer Dashboard and Exhibitor Dashboard:

Buyer Dashboard

Exhibitor Dashboard

For any major website we typically create anywhere from at least 3 and up to 5 completely unique directions. Especially when we are dealing with a start-up or a new brand. We arrive at a final design only after exhaustive research to ensure we know who our audience is, who the competitors are, what strengths and weaknesses we're facing, as well as making sure we are on top of best practices. 

The following are three directions we presented, and they are a testament to a well written creative brief. Instead of wildly different visuals, we harness the power of our research which include mood decks so we can make sure we are creating something the principals will enjoy since they have to look at it every day. Research combined with well thought out wireframes keep the designs focused, so you will notice the comps below have a lot in common, but still have their individual qualities, the best of these comprise the final product.

First round design presentation - Comp 1

First round design presentation - Comp 2

First round design presentation - Comp 3

Cosmo Jones (Creative Lead)
Jennifer Reitman (Project Lead)
J Vaughn (Technical Lead)
Jay David (Creative Director)
Kirsten O'Loughlin (Creative Director)
Kimi Lewis (Illustration and Iconography)
Kayla Silber (Branding, Iconography, Production Artwork)
Markus Walker (Production Artwork)