Scientific Skincare Systems

MAY 2011


Our friends at AZ Nutra gave us another product needing an identity and packaging ideas. This was an interesting challenge because once again, they are selling direct, so instead of creating a look that pops off the shelf on a wall full of competing brands, we have to tell as much as we can in a photo. 

We needed to convey a scientific approach to healthy skin and anti-aging, without losing warmth and personality. Thus the use of a lot of white negative space. Another challenge was making sure it doesn't read "banana" since we are one letter away, and the mind plays tricks. The lower case letters provide a less stuffy feel, juxtaposed with a science oriented tagline. The end result is approachable, yet still upscale, as this is a premium product aimed at luxury lifestyles and those who aspire to the same. 

Blue as the primary color is a no-brainer considering the key take-away needs to be hydration. The logo/icon represents a molecular chain while at the same time simulating the application of the product. The red to cool gradient implies a cool, hydrating result starting from dry/hot.