Cuningham Group


2007 – 2013


Cuningham Group has been a client since our humble beginnings in 2006. Back in those heady days of Flash websites, we built an interactive portfolio for Cuningham to showcase their incredible body of work and connect with clients. In the intervening years, technologies have changed and mobile devices have become ubiquitous. All the while, Cuningham's portfolio has been growing.

In 2012, we re-built the website from the ground up. HTML5, Javascript and CSS have replaced the previous Flash interactivity and animations. We used a responsive layout to provide a first-class browsing experience on a wide range of desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers. Powering it all is a custom-built content management system, specially designed to make site updates a snap.

Point your desktop or mobile browser to to view the website.




Freedom Scott (Producer/Project Lead)
Chris Sessions (Programming Lead)