Mandala Drum - Software Interface


This was a real treat to work on given our love for music and invention. Super mega genius Vince DeFranco, a good friend of ours, has created some amazing tech for the music world such as the D-Beam light controller found on many Roland products. His latest invention is the Mandala Drum, the world's smartest control surface for electronic drumming. He developed it with the help of a drummer's drummer - Danny Carey from Tool. Ask any drummer, they will tell you Danny is at the top of the drumming food chain regardless of what kind of music they like. 

We enjoyed being a part of the development process, and while the inner workings of this device completely overwhelm us, one thing we can do well is devise the interface the user will work with to control the device. So we jumped at the chance to create the consumer user interface which is based off the initial interface used during development and beta but is leaps and bounds beyond that allowing the Mandala to have a software interface that rivals any major consumer.

The results have been impressive. Press has been very positive, and many more well known players, producers and DJs are incorporating it into their live shows and/or use it to record percussion. Oh, and we also designed their website–you can view the case study here.


The main interface window for Mac or PC users

There are many pop-up effects units as well.