MTV: A Thin Line

JUNE 2010

This was a very exciting project, both for us and our client! We have had the good fortune to work on many fun and interesting things for MTV, and this particular project will remain near and dear. It was our very first Webby award winning site for the public affairs team at MTV, and the site garnered a lot of praise. Better than that, it garnered a lot of activity around an issue that has become a real problem in our modern age which no one was really prepared for. Cyberbullying, sexting, etc., are all things that were not an issue just a few years ago.

We started with just the site, then expanded the platform to include a mobile app "Over the Line" as well as a Facebook application called Draw Your Line which is also a case study in our portfolio. MTV was able to get significant celebrity activation, as well as some great partners in the non-profit space, so the entire platform ended up being very robust which enabled them to reach a lot of young people. Finally, we are particularly proud of the creative, and our team really pushed the bleeding edge with a slick design

Below the images of the actual site, we are sharing our first round creative as there were some really great, diverse options for our client to choose from. Once again, the final result is a collaboration of the best of everyone, but we would be remiss in not giving a direct shout-out to Kimi Lewis as this was her first big site project with us and her comp became the basis for finalizing the design.


MTV: A Thin Line - Homepage

MTV: Over the Line Facebook App

First round designs for this site were fun and diverse. Below are 5 unique directions.

MTV: A Thin Line - First round creative, Comp 1

MTV: A Thin Line - First round creative, Comp 2


MTV: A Thin Line - First round creative, Comp 3


MTV: A Thin Line - First round creative, Comp 4


MTV: A Thin Line - First round creative, Comp 5



Cosmo Jones (Creative Lead)
Freedom Allen (Project Lead)
Kirsten O'Loughlin (Creative Director)
Jesse Chapo (Creative Director)
Kimi Lewis (Creative Director)
Jay David (Creative Director)