Neon Lights Management

OCT 2012

Dina LaPolt has a long history practicing law in the entertainment industry for a variety of household names. She, and one of her attorney/employees of many years, Heidy Vaquerano, have embarked on an additional service. Neon Lights Management adds music and creative management services under their umbrella which is a natural extension for them considering their experience. The branding needed to hint at the obvious while retaining an indie, boutique feel. It needed to reflect the femininity of the principals, but be broad enough to allow any genre to feel at home. Below you will find the final images, and scroll down further to view some of the other options that were presented.


Neon Lights Management Primary Logo and Icon Set

Neon Lights Management Business Cards - FRONT and BACK


Branding can be one of the most difficult design disciplines. It's the nucleus of your company. It's the foundation you set which informs all subsequent designs representing your company. It needs to say something important in a very small space and in a very simple way. Then, your branding needs to expand while remaining consistent and true. 

Neon Lights Management is a start-up, so like most branding projects, you start with no assets - just ideas based on thorough research of what the brand is, and who the brand must speak to. The slideshow below will take you through some of the other options we presented. Click the arrows to scroll through.


Cosmo Jones (Creative Lead)
Christopher Daniels (Creative Direction)