We have developed a truly amazing collection of partners, many of which have worked with us for over a decade. This allows us to be flexible and work on every type of platform. And it affords us the ability to make sure the right people with the right experience comprise the team needed to yield the best results. 

We came from a much larger agency model which tried to do everything in-house. That solution was not good for us, or our clients. Our model now allows us to hire experts that spend 100% of their time in their respective fields, and our clients reap the reward of having only motivated, talented experts at the top of their game focused on the task at hand. We use the right team to execute the client's needs within budget. Our clients have direct contact with every expert. While we offer a single point of contact, it's reassuring to know you can reach any of our experts with no middle management or junior staff to trip over. No one likes traffic or roadblocks, and living in LA, we understand that better than most... Below you will find our list of super awesome partners, our BFFs if you will.

Dame Media: Content, Strategy, Project Management, Marketing

Jennifer Reitman, CEO of Dame Media, has collaborated us with many of the larger sites in our portfolio. Her background in publishing is a natural stepping stone to becoming an expert in content strategies for sites/companies needing to converse with their audience and keep them coming back for more. Sites like Shoe Palace, ShopTheFloor, Shiekh Shoes, Signature, Wisdom Daily (and more!) have her prints all over them. 

When our clients need a smart strategy for finding, connecting and retaining an audience, better get a Dame.

Rebel Industries: Social, Guerrilla and Experiential Marketing

Josh Levine, CEO of Rebel Industries, is certainly at the top of the non-traditional marketing food chain with the company and clients to back that up. Rebel has worked with many well known brands. Scion, Dr. Pepper, Absolut, Reebok, T-Mobile, just to name a few. When our clients need a social marketing strategy that ISN'T just buzzwords and fluff, or they need to expose a product to audiences who don't want to be marketed to, better hire a Rebel.

In their own words: 

Rebel Industries puts clients face-to-face with the people they want to speak to most. We plan and activate grassroots marketing strategies using social media, experiential, and guerilla tactics. Our blog discusses emerging trends, highlighting the people and companies who are changing the future of brands.

Learn more about the antics over at Rebel.

BedrockLA: 40,000sf of music and creative services.

Highly Evolved is the majority stakeholder in Bedrock LA. When our clients need custom content, this is where we create it. Custom music, sound effects, video production, photography, and more can be achieved under this massive roof in Echo Park. Bedrock is an important part of the music and creative community on the Eastside, providing fully equipped rehearsal studios, recording studios, music equipment rentals and sales and a place to have large events. Our halls have hosted 1000+ person events, and the list of creatives who have frequented us is starting to look like the coolest Top 100 on Spotify. From stadium fillers to local legends to you - everyone is welcome.

XOMAD: Event marketing and celebrity activation.

Highly Evolved also is an equity stakeholder in Xomad. Having met through very good friend Gaurav Misra (former VP of Digital at MTV where we collaborated on many a project) Xomad is a very unique business. They have an army of digital influencers, high profile bloggers, all with massive followings and visibility. They throw unbelievable one-of-a-kind events where they pull all kinds of celebrities and work in brand sponsorship in such a positive manner that the digital influencers naturally promote the brands in a genuine positive manner. Clients like BlackBerry, Nivea for Men, Cadillac and more have benefited from the positive chatter surrounding these experiences.