Placewise Media:


Placewise Media is a large marketing firm working with over 200 major malls in the USA. In times where internet sales are causing traditional brick and mortar cause for concern, Placewise has a current challenge of reminding people of the benefits of mall shopping and encouraging customers to return. 

Working closely with our content strategy partner, Dame Media (who handles content for Shoptopia), we came up with a much more social oriented site which encourages users to share their purchases and thoughts. We took it a step further by building a Q+A section where users could poll other users for ideas such as gifts for people who are hard to buy for, or perhaps help determining what unfamiliar product might be best for a particular need. Finally, we made sure there was a platform for spreading news about deals and special offers curated by our content strategists to offer something a bit better than the norm.

Some features are not in effect on the live site. Below you will find images of the fully realized design along with additional comps that comprised the first design review.


Shoptopia Phase 2 Homepage

Shoptopia "My Stuff" Page

Shoptopia Q+A Page

Shoptopia Sales and Deals Page

The client asked us to help rebrand the site, and provide options for an updated look and feel. The images above are from the chosen direction and below we are showing you the other finalist. Initially we provided several options and they were whittled down to these two. The chosen direction is closer to their original look with its starker grayscale feel punctuated with small spots of bright colors and fun fonts, where the second option brings in some warmer colors and a heavier overall design. We agree the client made the right choice, the purpose of this is to show our ability to provide distinct options to choose from.


Shoptopia Option 2: Proposed Homepage

Shoptopia Alternate Brand Concept


Cosmo Jones (Creative Lead / Strategy)
Jennifer Reitman (Project Lead / Strategy)
Jay David (Creative Director)
Kirsten O'Loughlin (Creative Director)
Laura Oakley (Production)