The Yogscast

AUG 2012

It's no secret we work with a variety of different partners, and occasionally another development firm will reach out to us in order to bring more creative firepower to client presentations. In this case, our friends at Angelsmith had a particularly challenging client and needed some help.

First, a little background. If you play video games like Minecraft for example, you know Yogscast. If you are not a video game connoisseur then this name might not mean anything, but pop over to YouTube and you'll learn quickly they have one of the most popular channels in the history of YouTube, over 1 Billion views! Based in the U.K., it started as a couple friends posting video games of their hacks, advice, experience with their favorite video games. Due to the likability and chemistry of Simon and Lewis, it grew to a 15 man operation and is now represented by Maker Studio in San Francisco. So the challenge was to create a site that would still appeal to Yogscast while also working for Maker, who is tasked with monetizing the site. Two very different viewpoints, backgrounds, etc. 

Highly Evolved was asked to help out with a rebrand and a new look for the site. We delivered two comps purposefully at the two extremes–one that was very safe, and one that was more modern/envelope pushing. We are still waiting to see what the live result will be, in the meantime, our two comps are here for your perusal...


Yogscast Homepage - pushing the envelope...

Yogscast Homepage - the safe comp


Cosmo Jones (Creative Lead)
Jesse Chapo (Creative Direction)
Michael Jasorka (Illustrations)
Eric Larsen (Creative Direction - Branding)
Christopher Daniels (Creative Direction - Branding)

Produced for Angelsmith, Inc.